The perfect loan submission checklist for India


The perfect loan submission checklist for india

Loan Application Processing steps


 Loan officer assembles the documents in your file and reviews your file if there is any document required inform you to provide that so it passes smoothly through the underwriting process.The loan officer puts all the collected documentation in order to anticipate any unusual circumstances that may affect your loan approval and writes a cover letter to the lender that emphasizes your strong points as a borrower.


Once all information put together with appropriate notes, it goes to our loan processor, who check if any additional information the lender may need. This may include verification of your banking , employment and repayment history.If required  he will communicate to gather the information .

Submission documents and Underwriting

Now, your loan is submitted to a lender. The lender sends it to the underwriting department, which reviews the file for compliance with the guidelines specific to the loan program you have applied for .

One of 3 things can happen here:

If your loan is approved without conditions-

It’s time to lock your loan, send documents to the title company, and go sign papers!

If your loan is approved with conditions-

Your loan officer and processor will help you gather the documentation or information needed, and submit that to the lender to get approval.

If you are not qualified

The loan officer will review the package to determine if it can be modified – repackaged – to get an approval somewhere else

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File Process


Loan Approved



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